The Malta Information Technology Agency


The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the prime Government agency with a mandate spanning from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy to programmes and initiatives in Malta.

 MITA manages full implementation of IT programmes in Government focusing on enhancing public service delivery and provides the infrastructure needed for the provision of ICT services to Government.  MITA is also responsible for the propagation of ICT within society and the economy and to promote and deliver programmes with the intention of enhancing ICT education and the use of ICT as a learning tool. In fulfilling its role, MITA shall:

  • Serve as the central driver of information and communications technology policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta;
  • Provide efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure services to Government as directed by the Minister from time to time;
  • Deliver and manage the execution of all programmes related to the implementation of information technology and related systems in Government with the aim of enhancing public service delivery;
  • Proliferate the further application and take-up of information and communications technologies in society and the economy;Promote and deliver programmes aimed at enhancing ICT education and the use of ICT as a learning tool.

1_MITA_Board_ClaudioGrechClaudio Grech, MITA Chairman

"The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is pleased to support the ICT Gozo Malta initiative. We believe that in due course this project has the potential to develop into a very fruitful platform for ideas. The combined effort of all steering committee members will enable a new level of collaboration between various entities which can eventually lead to new and innovative ventures."    MITA,   February 2011
"The ICT Gozo Malta project is an initiative which will increase R&D collaborative efforts between the two islands and beyond. I look forward for the discussions and the eventual projects which such an R&D cluster can contribute towards the whole society and economy."    Claudio Grech, MITA Chairman,  January 2011

Strategy documents

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pdf The_Smart_Island_Strategy_2008-10.pdf 2.86 Mb

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