Cyber Security Resources for Techies

Trustworthy and dependable computing brings together practices and techniques found in real-time, industrial control, aerospace, high availability, ICT, and information security domains as a single holistic whole.  Collectively trustworthy and dependable communication and computation systems must provide a balance of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Safety, Reliability, and Maintainability properties...  

There are literally 1000's of resources available on these topics.  To help you to get directly to the heart of the subject matter, Synaptic Labs has identified 3 to 6 of the best resources in each category listed below: 

Synaptic Labs recommends all software and hardware developers visit each of the above pages. 

Two short videos by Brian Snow, former Technical Director of the Information Assurance Department of the NSA

Brian Snow, "It's not lovely code, it's an ugly monkey", AusCert 2008, (Courtesy of

Brian Snow, "How encryption can go bad", AusCert 2008, (Courtesy of

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